A rested night sleep is one of the priceless rewards you can give your body after a busy day. However, there are few things that can rob you peace while sleeping.

One of these things is sleeping hot. Sleeping experts recommend that your bedroom should be a range between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Sadly many of us lack this sensitive information.

As you sleep, temperature penetrates through the various layers as a result, you will find yourself awakened by hot flashes and sweating.

The good news is that technology has gone a buzz and so much technology out there that can be implemented in the mattress industry to facilitate better airflow.

This helps to ensure that you’re sleeping cool and comfortable throughout the night. In this article, I want to show you how a mattress can help you start sleeping cool.

Important Thing You Should Know About Temperature Change during Sleep

While sleeping a number of processes take place at different stages of sleep. Shortly after getting into bed you get into what is called transitional period and your body enters into the light stage of sleep. During this time, you’re still active and conscious of the surroundings.

After a while, you enter into stage two of sleep where you begin to be disengaged from the surroundings. At this point, your body temperature begins to lower due to your circadian rhythm. At stage four, temperature change and heat loss is optimal.

These stages are the most restorative as worn out tissues and cells are repaired or replaced, growth and development hormones are released and supply of blood to muscles increases. All these processes require proper body temperature.

Therefore for you to slip into this restorative stage you need a mattress that balances your body temperature so that you keep cool.

Mattress cooling mechanism

  • Utilizing the Open-cell technology

This technology is engineered into the cellular structure of the mattress leaving large pores into the cells of the foam. This unique design is very important because it allows an increased flow of cool air while you sleep.

What this means – read this best firm mattress –  is that instead of your body heat being trapped next to your body throughout the night, this heat has an exit gate to escape. Another important thing about this design is that it wicks moisture away as warm air escapes, this results in a cooling climate underneath your body.

  • Utilizing a cooling gel

A cooling gel is a viscose material integrated into memory foam mattresses. The cooling gel plays a significant role in temperature regulation. The gel works the same way as a shock absorber.

As your body release heat, the gel traps the heat and transport it to the surface of the mattress and takes back cool air. The exchange mechanism creates a cooling climate between your body and the mattress allowing you to sleep cool and comfortable.

  • Climate control system

Modern mattresses have built-in fans that can be useful for individuals who sleep excessively hot or get cold at night. These systems help in temperature regulation by releasing cool or warm air underneath your bed.

Similarly, mattress like Wink beds now comes with air tubes that supply cool air currents that rise to the top surface creating a cooling surface beneath your body.

  • Using additional accessories for sleeping cool

Mattress temperature also has a correlation to your bedroom accessories. This means that some accessories like mattress covers can help you stay cool and comfortable while you sleep.

Mattress cover made from natural fibers such as cotton and wool are gentle to the skin and more breathable than other covers. These materials also wick away moisture ensuring that you sleep comfortably depending on the room temperature.


Choosing the best cooling mattress in the market can make significant changes in the way you sleep. The basic cooling mechanisms found in some of the perfect mattresses are open-cell technology, cooling gel, climate control system and additional accessories. Buying a mattress with any or combination of these features you can be sure to sleep cool.