Use the power of subtle touch. Experts say that subtle touch helps to literally break new grounds in relationships because touch helps to build trust.

The big question is ‘how do you harness the power of subtle touch to build trust when coaching?

Help them up: You must know when to help and pick your trainee up. You don’t need to rush to help them every time they are on the ground. Helping them up would happen naturally once you have built a rapport with them.

For instance, you can initiate a conversation with them while they are doing their stretches on the ground. Once the conversation is flowing the right way, you will know instinctively when to offer a hand to pull them up.

Stretching: You don’t have to be an expert yoga instructor to help your clients get more out of their stretches. It is common knowledge that most athletes don’t do well at stretching but this gives you an opportunity to help out. We recommend this site for more information on this link

You can help out in certain ways without overstepping your bounds as coach or trainer. For instance, you can help with Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch, Supine Hamstring Stretch, Arm Sweep Stretch and Heel Sit Mid Thoracic Stretch.

Dap: whether you choose a handshake or pat on the back or high five or a fist bump, what matters is letting your clients know that you appreciate their efforts and hope to see them again.

If you manage to get a special handshake, that’s even better. It means you just established a a unique relationship with them.


These 3 skills that I’ve shared with you have been tried and tested. They work anytime. Even with limited knowledge as a coach or trainer, you can engage these skills at any point in time.

They help you find and establish your footing as a coach or trainer while you learn and build your coaching skills over time.